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While not intended to disparage any particular political, social, or other viewpoint, action, or movement, what is posted may do so if
they are in conflict with what I believe are correct Biblically based religious practices, positions and directives and/or the free unhindered
practice of religion.
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Notes and files presented
here are provided solely
for personal use and for
use in serious small group
Bible Study settings.

Some of the notes
presented here are based
on or excerpted from
copyrighted commentaries
& notes  by others.

The positions and info
presented represents the
current scripturally
based views and
understanding of the study
leader - who remains a
work in progress.   

These views may or may
not represent or align with
the stated formal positions
of  Bethel Church of the
Nazarene or Nazarene
churches as a

(Although, if they don't, I
think they should or I
wouldn't have presented
them ....)
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Psalm 83:1-8     INNER RING   
  • Edom                Southern Jordan
  • Ishmaelites        Father of the Arabs
  • Moab                Central Jordan
  • Hagarenes         Egypt
  • Gebal                Lebanon
  • Ammon              Northern Jordan
  • Amalek              Sinai Peninsula
  • Philistines          Gaza
  • Tyre                  Lebanon
  • Assyria              Iraq and parts of Syria
Eze 38:2-39:6         OUTER RING
  • Gog of Magog:      Leader of Russia
  • Meshech:              Moscow: E of Urals
  • Tubal:                   Tubolsk: W of Urals
  • Persia:                  Iran
  • Cush:                    Ethiopia / Sudan
  • Phut:                     Libya
  • Gomer:                 Eastern Europe
  • Togarmah:            Turkey / Armenia
  • Sheba and Dedan  Saudi Arabian Pennisula
  • Merchants of Tarshish with all the young lions
                  British Commonwealth nations
  • Them that dwell carelessly in the isles
                  Western Hemisphere:  USA, Canada, etc
next meeting:    ZOOM Meeting  7 - ?? pm    Tuesday  
7:30-9:30 PM  @  RCD
The Nations in Prophecy - What's coming